They identify alleged perpetrators of threats to Petro's daughter | News

They identify alleged perpetrators of threats to Petro's daughter |
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The Attorney General's Office of Colombia announced this Thursday that it had identified and summoned for questioning the alleged authors of messages with death threats sent to the eldest daughter of President Gustavo Petro, Andrea Petro Herrán, and the director of the Special Assets Company. (SAE), Daniel Rojas.


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In a statement released through its social networks, the Public Ministry detailed: "“With respect to the public threats reported yesterday by Andrea Petro and Daniel Rojas (...), in the timely development of the urgent acts, a prosecutor from the group of threats from the Specialized Directorate against Human Rights Violations, identified and individualized those allegedly responsible for the intimidating acts.

The entity announced that the alleged perpetrators of the intimidation were summoned for interrogations that will take place soon.

This Wednesday, the Colombian President denounced the death threats made against his daughter and asked the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, to use computer forensic techniques to determine the real person issuing these messages.

Through her social networks, Andrea Petro reported that these threats also affect her daughter and are spread through the use of false profiles.

“I have received many threats and insults (...) Mentally they affect me. I have been in the beginnings of depression because of these and many things. I have deleted too many comments so as not to get intoxicated, but it seems to me that they crossed the line a while ago," said the young woman.

In statements to a local media, Andrea Petro assured that the threats are related to her father's political life but that she will go to the last consequences.

He classified the threats as an illegal act and harmful to his human rights. He stressed that words are as dangerous as bullets. In addition, he expressed his desire that the tax investigation set an example for those who opt for violence and that it contribute to compliance with the laws.

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