“They hire me to give results,” said Jaime Lozano.

“They hire me to give results,” said Jaime Lozano.
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“They hire me to deliver results”; Jaime Lozano was that clear in the run-up to the most important match of his short tenure as helmsman of the Mexican National Team, the second leg of the quarterfinals in the Concacaf Nations League, and it is not for less.

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Although the Mexican team could still access the Copa América through the playoffs, not getting one of the four direct tickets would mean a strong blow in the Lozano era and an even greater one for Femexfut who put the title in their hands. project with a view to the 2026 World Cup.

This position is like that, it has been clear to me since I played, in the National Team what I would most like is for there to be processes. They hire me to give results, but I don't think about that, I go day by day, game by game and that mentality is what has put me where I am,” Lozano mentioned.

The Mexican National Team will seek to beat Honduras this Tuesday night on the Azteca Stadium field, a match in which El Tri cannot afford to concede more goals.

It is a mental and cultural issue, of going out and giving our best version every training session and match to have the tools and confidence to perform at our best. You can have a bad afternoon, but we still have that area of ​​growth. You have to be very clear about your objectives,” he stated.

Inconsistency, lack of regularity and even overconfidence is the worst enemy that Mexico will face during the match. Lozano pointed out that it was the painting catracho The one who longed for victory and managed to capture it on the scoreboard, El Tri lacked attitude.

They surpassed us in that among many other things, a matter of ambition, of enthusiasm, which was what we put against Germany and we cannot allow that, we have to be the same regardless of the rival."

"We let them grow, think that they are better than us, which I think they are not, but they achieved it because the series is on their side."

Given this, the helmsman does not reject the possibility of variants within his lineup, although he will not make major modifications in the effort to turn the series around.

I am not the owner of an absolute truth, but being flexible does not have to be, we are going to change everything, of course we have alternatives, in this scenario what can I do, who can come in, I have thought about all of this because it corresponds to me, as a team we are very strong "We have very good players, but I don't like to depend on one or two players," he concluded.


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