They give 90 life sentences to the author of shooting against Mexicans in Walmart of Texas

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Patrick Crusiusthe confessed perpetrator of the 2019 massacre in a supermarket in El Paso (Texas, United States)which left 23 dead, was sentenced this Friday to 90 consecutive life sentences after facing two days of hearings with relatives of the deceased and survivors of the attack directed against hispanic and immigrants.

Last February, Crusius pleaded guilty to 90 federal counts of murder and hate crimes for the shooting in a store Walmart of clientele mostly latin, in exchange for which the Government did not ask for the death penalty.

The Prosecutor's Office claimed a life sentence for each of the 90 charges against him. Given this, the defense tried to avoid this harsh sentence, alleging that the detainee assumed full responsibility for his actions and attributing his action to mental problems. However, he was sentenced this Friday.

In addition, Crusius can still receive a harsher penalty. Additionally, Texas prosecutors plan to put him on trial again for the same shooting in a statewide proceeding seeking the death penalty.

“We are still going to prosecute the Walmart shooter. And we will still seek the death penalty," said El Paso District Attorney Bill Hicks.

The shooting occurred in August 2019 at an El Paso supermarket against people of Mexican origin.

Before opening fire indiscriminately in a Walmart supermarket, the detainee had posted clearly racist content on the Internet in which he denounced an immigration "invasion" and, in fact, the authorities identified him during the process as a white supremacist. He traveled more than 900 kilometers to reach El Paso, on the border with Mexico.

Among the 23 people who died there were eight of Mexican nationality, as confirmed at the time by the Government of the neighboring country. In addition, 22 people were injured.

(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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