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The international operation, headed by the US Coast Guard to rescue a submarine in tourist functions that disappeared two days ago, announced Thursday that they found some "rubble" near the area where the remains of the Titanic are located.


They detect sounds in the area where the Titan submarine is being searched

The find came where searches are underway to locate the missing submersible with five people on board, three of whom had paid $25,000 for a sightseeing tour of the wreck in 1912.

According to a US Coast Guard publication on a digital network, "a debris field has been discovered within the search area near the Titanic," which is located at a sea depth of about 3,800 meters.

According to the information, experts from the US and Canada, meeting in an operations coordination center in Boston, are now trying to determine what the debris corresponds to and if it has anything to do with the missing submersible.

The huge search and rescue operation has been criticized by people and organizations around the world who compare it to what happened with recent shipwrecks off the European coast in which several dozen people have died.

In this regard, the founder of the Open Arms Foundation, Oscar Camps, recalled that according to official figures from the International Organization for Migration since 2014, 17.8 Titanics have sunk in the Mediterranean Sea.

In fact, he went so far as to say that, "there really could be many more and possibly 5 Titanics could just be kids."

For her part, the writer, journalist, researcher. Human Rights, Middle East, Olga Rodríguez Francisco said, when speaking of those who are in the submarine "They paid €229,000 to go to the Titanic. Minutes and minutes of connections, interviews, hypotheses, maps, schemes with the design of the seabed... If you dedicate so much attention to each migrant who disappears, perhaps we would not be in this normalization of their dehumanization".

Troops and resources from the US, Canada, France and the United Kingdom are participating in the search, with planes, boats and underwater drones.

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