They find a mummy of more than 3,000 years in Peru | News

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Local authorities reported this Tuesday the discovery of a mummy more than 3,000 years old in the Huaca La Florida, an archaeological site located in the Rimac valley of Lima, on the central coast of Peru.


They demand restitution of the former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo

The discovery occurred thanks to the "Huaca La Florida" research program promoted by the mayor of Rímac, Néstor de La Rosa, which proposes to rescue the history and tradition of the monuments of the district, which has 40 percent of the Historical Heritage of all of Lima ( capital).

Archeology students from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Unmsm), members of the municipal excavation team, found the mummy wrapped in a funerary bundle made of native cotton.

The experts said that the place was a cemetery where they found remains such as bottlenecks, necklace basins, corn, shells, shellfish, coca leaves and seeds, which show that they were deposited as 'post mortem' offerings.

The manager of the historic center of the municipality of Rímac, Miguel Aguilar, told local media that it is "a very important area of ​​high sacredness, a temple that faced sunrise directly every June 24, the time when it had greater ceremonial activity”, in addition to the probability of finding more burials.

They also stated that they will have the support of Ministry researchers who will instruct them on the method for exhuming and applying the exhumation, and carefully analyze the findings in search of more exact data on the mummy and its tomb.

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