They filter new audio in which the producer assures that Stephanie Salas “takes advantage” of Silvia Pinal


Stephanie Salas / Silvia Pinal.

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A few days ago, a series of audios were released in which Ivan Cochegrusproducer of the play in which he participated Silvia Pinal it is heard speaking ill of various members of the dynasty, including Sylvia Pasquel, Luis Enrique Guzman and his wife Mayella Lagunaas well as Mary Paz Banquells; however, they have not been the only ones, because in a new recording the name of Stephanie Salas.

It was during the program ‘First Hand’, where Gustavo Adolfo Infante released new recordings in which the producer of the play ‘Little Hood, what’s up with your grandmother?’ speak ill of the daughter of Sylvia Pasquelassuring that she is one of the members of the family that has benefited financially, but that she is never aware of the first actress Silvia Pinal.

“I told Luis Enrique right now: ‘most of your mom’s friends have taken advantage of your mom. Many times your mom told me, loans and things and everything and even Stephanie herself‘ and he told me: ‘is that Stephanie doesn’t even come to see my mom‘ and all this stuff that Sylvita and them are putting together, it’s because of Stephanie but when are they there? When are you waiting for the lady?”, is heard to say.

In addition, he accuses Mary Paz Banquells to keep them under surveillance and send photographs to Sylvia Pasquel so that she would be aware of the treatment her mother received during rehearsals and performances of the staging.

“If Mary Paz went to gossip, then let her go and gossipbut yes, tomorrow you will find out if Mary Paz went and gossiped, but yes Iván, when you already know that yes, Mary Paz is the p$&($ little gossipthank you very much Mary Paz, it’s great that you gave your two performances this Sunday, we don’t need you anymore, thank you very much. and you look for another person“, they mention.

Likewise, he assured that, if he verified that Alfredo Adame’s ex-wife sent photographs, he would do everything to not allow him to continue being part of the cast.

“I told María Rebeca today: The least you can miss, and you know that since she is your substitute, I decide the roles: María Rebeca, Mary Paz. Yes, tire her out. Punish her if tomorrow you realize that with Carlosto the c$%$ that he is going to sell his p#%& cupcakes”, they add.

In addition, Cochegrus and the man with whom he speaks would also try to turn Silvia Pinal against Mary Paz Banquells so that she would be the one to ask them to fire her from the play.

“He always tells me the same thing, but he gets involved. It is quite false. ‘Oh Iván forgive me but today I had to introduce myself to Mrs. Pinal‘. If you knew that the lady the other day said: ‘me ca $% & your p & / $ # sister’, so she told him, then nothing more than Mary Paz also looking for me and everything, I’m going to tell her, ‘ma’am, don’t you like Mary Paz?’ And the lady is worth it”, he mentions in the same series of conversations.

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