They film a woman washing her dirty clothes on the Paseo de Santa Lucía in Monterrey

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A video was published on social networks where you can see a woman washing her dirty clothes in one of the waterfalls of the Paseo de Santa Lucía in MonterreyNuevo León, an act that outraged the city's inhabitants because they considered it an abusive and distasteful act.

In the images you can see the moment in which the woman is carving a pair of pants with soap in her hand while taking advantage of the water that falls down the steps located on one side of the Museum of Mexican History.

Police officers arrived at the scene and found Ilda Carolina Mijares García, 26 years old, washing more clothes, so he was asked to leave the place because that space was not dedicated to the activity he was doing.

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Ilda Carolina commented that It is not the first time that he used one of the fountains on Paseo de Santa Lucía to wash his clothes.because she does not have a home because she is involved in a family dispute related to the home she lived in.

According to local authoritiesthe water of Paseo de Santa Lucía is treated with chemicalsso its use should be limited to only being part of the sources, and it can be harmful to people who are in contact with the liquid.

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The offense did not merit arrest and she was only urged not to return to the place to wash her clothes and was invited to leave the place. The woman left after removing the clothes she had left hanging in flower pots.

Social media users shared their indignation, but also took the opportunity to make memes about the lack of water in the municipality.

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