They fight against breast cancer

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Nía, as everyone calls her, defines herself as an optimistic person, who lives in a constant search to inspire other people to generate change and who faithfully believes that good actions are the beginning of that transformation. From the age of 14 she began her path as an agent of change through community service in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, where she is originally from. This experience sparked her interest in positively transforming her environment.

His journey began while he was part of the alumni society at his high school and his town faced a serious natural disaster. When this happened, people immediately mobilized to make food collections and she, as a member of the student society, was sent to be in a collection center receiving the support. It was at that moment that Nía realized something that was part of her essence, she thought: “Despite being small, I really have the power to transform the situation in which the community in which I live is immersed. I have the power to make a change; “I can and I will do it to help those who need me.”

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Nía has had the opportunity to lead different social impact projects, where she has felt even more motivated to continue supporting her community. This led her to develop her first venture known as: Estefania's Handmade Accesories, which through a campaign marketed handmade accessories and whose profits were donated to organizations fighting breast cancer.

Along the way, he has met people who have become great friends. She feels proud of having brought together and awakened the interest of other young people towards social causes, thus, little by little, forming a network of reciprocity.

However, due to his young age and lack of support outside his environment, he has faced some obstacles. Part of her personality is not giving in to them, “If you are afraid or discouraged, remember what inspires you and continue. When you start on this path, you will learn as you go”, is a phrase that accompanies Estefanía.

On the other hand, Nía sees her greatest inspiration in her family. Her parents are her model of effort and perseverance, and who have instilled in her from a very young age to help others within her means. It is important for her to share her achievements with her loved ones since, in her words, “you don't get to the top alone.”

This young agent of change is very happy and motivated to continue generating positive actions to transform Mexico and the world. All of these experiences have allowed her to learn more about herself and she believes that girls, boys and young people have the power to promote social change from her own trenches.

The task of inspiring young people is just beginning and I am going to give it my all to make Mexico what we dream of so much,” said Estefanía Ruelas.


After learning that not all children had the same resources to face the Covid-19 pandemic, 11-year-old Georgie asked her mother how she could reach out to support her community. In April 2020, Georgina, her mother and her two younger brothers began to explore solutions related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), betting on the educational issue, since due to the quarantine, classes were interrupted, affecting millions of people. children throughout Mexico.

With the support of their mother, who is an agent of change and social entrepreneur, they launched the We all learn initiative, an independent movement of children and young people, created with the aim of positively impacting children by extending their hand for education in the pandemic. .

Their project began with children between 3 and 6 years old, who were given educational kits related to health, safety and development. Photo: Special

To achieve this project they knocked on the doors of multiple organizations, including Save The Children, Unicef and Teach for Mexico. With them they agreed to present a pilot proposal for girls and boys from 3 to 6 years old, to create educational kits related to health, safety and development issues, in addition to providing some supplies, such as notebooks, paints and crayons and information so that parents could help. in the education of their children.

We all learn has been a success, it has produced and delivered more than 40 thousand educational packages in CDMX and Edomex, in addition to receiving ideas to incorporate new activities and supplies to the kit. The above thanks to the support of hundreds of donors who follow the project on social networks.

Georgie believes in the expansion of her project by having connected with children from her city and other parts of the country through webinars and invitations to virtual panels. This project has brought a lot of hope to Georgie, however, they recognize that one of the challenges to overcome is focus, because sometimes they have felt that it is difficult to continue with the initiative as they are children and just want to go out and play. The strength that has made them continue with the project has been to recognize that “children have a lot to say” and this has kept the initiative going.

We all have good ideas, even if they are from different points of view. Children, young people and adolescents have a lot to say and do, not only adults have to do everything, we can also do”, is something he thinks and that has given him the drive to move forward.

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