They don't see or hear

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Marissa Rivera.Oblivious to the powers that the commission demands, his obsession forced him to distance himself from the problems that overwhelm the country.The obstinacy for power, which he achieved 18 years later, has not been enough.His sad legacy will be to choose the person who, if he wins, must follow his instructions to the letter, otherwise he will head the list of traitors.Unfortunately, the country is not on the right track, much less its manipulated and hyperinflated poppers.Their distractions have allowed organized crime to terrify citizens in most of the country's entities, that tragedies in hospitals grow, that due to supposed savings, misfortunes occur due to lack of maintenance of the services that Mexicans demand.It could be by omission and hopefully not by commission, but this administration continues to wreak havoc.Governing is not repeating the narrative of every morning. Accuse opponents of the bad things that are happening in the country and celebrate, for example, remittances that do not obey a government policy, but rather a lack of opportunities.It is of no use to Mexican families that the dollar is at 17 pesos, when the main products of the basic basket are very expensive.Governing is not continuing to blame his predecessors five years later.He knew how the country was, so much and that is why he made a commitment. But he did not comply. Nothing that happens is his fault, it is the fault of the past and all those ghosts he uses to escape reality.He questioned whether the armed forces had a greater presence in the past six-year term, but he has given them all the power.His mistakes, also in communication, gave his main adversary, Claudio X. González, to appear as a statesman when what he wanted was to exhibit it. That's not what they're good for.The irruption of Xóchitl has thrown him off balance and has made him make several mistakes.Even their corcholatas, instead of promoting themselves, have not stopped questioning the adversary that without money, or fences or spectacular, is above several of them.Xóchitl moved everything and drove them out of their boxes.Your blindness has gotten us into this. A dive into an illegal pre-campaign, in which the referee neither sees nor hears, nor listens. Much less will he raise his voice.They have even already thrown the stitch of accusing the disruptive senator of early campaign events, when they have upholstered the country's fences and billboards with her image and nobody says anything to them.He is overwhelmed that they have put a play on him that he never thought of. And that keeps him busy, angry, out of control, so much so that whatever happens in the country, nothing happens.Leading the lists of the most corrupt countries and the countries with the greatest insecurity does not concern him. The most important thing is to win the next election. And that is why we must avoid the reality that Mexico is experiencing.His administration is going through a complicated stage due to the cruelty and ambition for dominance with which organized crime acts.But beyond the violence, the Mexicans have to live day by day with the deficiencies of what they used to enjoy.That does not matter to him, he eliminated assistance programs, support, production, trusts, housing, for agricultural laborers, temporary employment, community kitchens, for women, for children with cancer, just to name a few.And where did those savings go?To his "monumental" works and to buy electoral clientele. He himself recognized at the national level with his shameless political strategy: "by helping the poor one is safe, because he already knows that when he needs to defend himself, he has their support."But his mythical phrase also echoes: “take what they give you and vote for whoever you want”.And it has already appeared for whoever you want and sadly for him, it is not any of his corcholatas.

The charge They neither see nor hear appeared first in El Arsenal.

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