“They don’t know Liga MX or its soccer players”: Tecatito Corona’s harsh statement about how they see Mexican soccer in Europe


Corona arrived in Spain in the winter market.

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

All the work of expansion, empowerment and Strengthening the image of Liga MX went to waste with the latest statements by Jesús Corona. The Sevilla footballer from Spain assured that in Europe They do not have Mexican soccer on their radar, much less its soccer players.

Several football personalities questioned the enormous cost of the Mexican soccer players who play in Liga MX. This factor has been the main obstacle for foreign teams to bet on young Aztec talents. The “Tecatito” joined this appreciation and explained that Mexican football has not transcended to those latitudes.

When we talk here they don’t know much about the Mexican league, or about the soccer players.We do that very badly in Mexico. You have to let the youngest player out, who is easier in all aspects, the economic one because the others do it and continue advancing”, explained Jesús Corona in an interview for Marca.

The presence of Corona in Spain has given it more tools

Jesús Corona came from several seasons in Portuguese football with Porto. The Mexican finished making the leap to LaLiga after Sevilla gave him the opportunity and confidence. The Aztec has not wasted his participation in the field and hopes that what he learned will be useful for the last three days of the Concacaf Octagonal.

“Very important for everything that surrounds a Mexico vs. United States. More than qualifying for the world we want to take those three points. They have always criticized us, last round we advanced without much difficulty and they still criticized us. The group is ready for that“, the Aztec concluded about the next Mexico’s game against the United States on March 24.

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