They discover eight bodies buried in the patio of a house in Sonora

It is estimated that around 15 people were buried in that place.

Photo: Facebook/Rastreadoras De Ciudad Obregón / Courtesy

The state of Sonora is one of the most disputed regions by organized crime in Mexico, due to its geographical location as it forms part of the border with the United States.

Unfortunately, this situation has also turned the entity into one of the areas where more clandestine graves are discoveredand one of them was recently found in the patio of an abandoned house, located in the municipality of Cajeme.

Those responsible for this finding were members of the “Rastreadoras de Obregón Sonora” search group for missing persons, who received an anonymous call to publicize the existence of a narco-pit.

This is how they moved to the indicated place and, in collaboration with personnel from the State Search Commission, began the excavation work. They later reported on their social networks that eight bodies have been foundand it is estimated that there could be more human remains.

They are looking for another seven bodies

They also indicated that the corpses were wrapped in blankets, and that details about the victims' clothing or tattoos will be released as soon as they can attend to the protocols.

In a live broadcast, Nora Lira, leader of the search group, explained that they will continue with the excavation work, estimating that in that place they were able to bury around 15 people.

"We don't have to go out into the valley, when we went out to the fields we didn't find anything, that's why we focused on the houses, In the patios the bodies begin to come out, it means that they are buried here“, he expressed.

In addition, he asked people who have a missing family member to go to the Forensic Medical Services of Ciudad Obregón, since most of the rescued bodies are bagged and they cannot see the features of people.

This is not the first time that human remains have been discovered buried in the patios of houses in Sonora. In March 2022, the groups “Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme” and “Rastreadoras de Ciudad Obregón” located 21 bodies buried in various homes.

These findings were made in patios, backyards and under the foundations of houses that were in a state of abandonment.

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