They discover a security breach in Safari that can compromise user information


The only solution to the Safari bug is for Apple to release an update

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Computer security experts from the FingerprintsJS firm ddiscovered an error in the code of Safari, the browser developed by Apple, which can compromise users’ private information.

This is shocking news considering that said browser is known to be one of the safest on the market as it incorporates functions that prevent websites from tracking the user who uses the program.

Security hole found in Safari allows websites full access to user’s entire browsing history, including the user’s Google ID. From what is known so far, The flaw affects the latest versions of Apple’s operating system, such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey..

According to security analysts at FingerprintsJS, there is currently little that users can do to prevent their personal information from reaching third parties.

The only viable and expeditious solution to put an end to the problem is for Apple to publish an update that fixes the flaw in the Safari code. According to the information that is handled, this would be in process.

From the company they are aware of the situation and understand that the image of their browser can be severely affected if they do not correct the problem.

How does the glitch work?

FingerprintsJS experts explain that when visiting a website, the browser creates a database of recent user activity that can be accessed by malicious websites.

This means that websites could link multiple accounts of the same user regardless of whether they are separate.

They clarify that this behavior is not limited to malicious web pages, since Internet pages such as Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter and WhatsApp also do the same.

They add that there are two alternatives that safari users can use to try to protect themselves. The first one is block JavaScript by default and enable it only on trusted websites. However, they point out that this can make Internet browsing highly cumbersome.

The second option is to temporarily switch browsersHowever, in the case of the iOS or iPadOS operating systems, this will not make any difference since the flaw also affects the rest of the browsers.

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