They denounce the murder of social leaders in Guaviare Colombia

They denounce the murder of social leaders in Guaviare, Colombia | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) of Colombia denounced this Saturday the murder of two social leaders in the department of Guaviare (south).


Colombia reports the 88 massacre during 2022 after multiple murders in Arauca

The organization reported on the discovery of the lifeless bodies of the leaders Jhony Rodríguez and Querubín Mendoza, from the village of Caño Mosco, located in the municipality of San José del Guaviare.

Rodríguez and Mendoza disappeared on October 23, after participating in a community meeting in the Guacamayas sector, in the same department, and remained missing for 25 days before notification of the murder.

Indepaz pointed out that the Ombudsman’s Office had warned about the situation of violence in the territory, where “various illegal armed groups have historically sought to obtain or maintain their control.”

In the opinion of the Ombudsman, to achieve this purpose these armed organizations impose “models of social, economic and political order.”

According to the Ombudsman, this is facilitated by various factors, such as “the precarious state presence in the territory (…), especially civil institutions in charge of guaranteeing the civil, economic, social and cultural rights of the population.”

In addition, “the presence of extremely vulnerable population groups” influences, as occurs with indigenous people and peasants.

Since the signing of the Peace Agreement in Colombia, 1,396 social leaders have already been assassinated. The violent death of Jhony Rodríguez and Querubín Mendoza increases the number of events of this type to 166 throughout 2022.