They denounce the eighth massacre in Colombia during 2022 | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) denounced this Wednesday the perpetration of a new massacre in Colombia, this time the unfortunate event occurred in the department of Putumayo.


At least 145 social leaders were assassinated in Colombia during 2021

According to Indepaz, the events occurred in the El Cerrito village of the Puerto Guzmán municipality, leaving three fatalities as a result, “a group of armed men would have taken three people from their homes, whom they later murdered,” they detail.

The victims responded to the names of Jesús Yohani Betancur Moncada, Yamid Zapata Barrero and Wilson Costez Molano, the latter belonging to the Community Action Board (JAC) of the village of El Paraíso.

“Their bodies were transferred to the municipality of Curillo in Caquetá, where at least 14 people would have arrived displaced from Puerto Guzmán by the massacre,” explains Indepaz.

The Ombudsman’s Office had issued an alert in several areas of the departments of Putumayo, Cauca and Caquetá, after the constant military confrontations between irregular armed groups.

Indepaz details that in just 19 days of 2022, eight massacres have been perpetrated in Colombia and six social leaders have been assassinated.