They denounce the assassination of the seventh social leader in Colombia | News


The president of the community action board of the village of El Paraíso, in the department of Putumayo, Wilson Costez Molano, was assassinated by armed individuals, bringing the number of Colombian social leaders killed to seven so far in 2022.


They denounce the eighth massacre in Colombia during 2022

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) assured on Wednesday in a message on its official Twitter account that with the death of Costez Molano, there are already 1,293 leaders and human rights defenders assassinated since the signing of the peace agreement , in 2016.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) indicated that the activist was killed last Monday in the midst of a massacre that occurred in the village of El Cerrito, in the municipality of Puerto Guzmán, in Putumayo, a department located in southwestern Colombia.

A group of armed men would have taken the leader and two other people from their homes, who they also killed, Indepaz said.

Attacks against community organizations in Arauca

Social organizations denounced this Wednesday that they were victims of simultaneous attacks against their headquarters in the municipality of Saravena, in the department of Arauca, in the center-east of Colombia.

The National Peasant Association (Asonalca) José Galán Zorro said this Wednesday on his Twitter account that there were “simultaneous attacks in Saravena, Arauca, against our headquarters, the headquarters of CentrOriente and the Ecaaas Esp (community public services company)”.

“Despite the militarization and the fact that it is 2 blocks from the police security ring, this event occurs,” the association noted, adding that when the explosion occurred, a human rights school was being held there.

He specified that this fact “occurs after an audio, Antonio Medina, from the dissidents of the 28th front of the FARC, threatened the social leaders and presidents of community action boards.”

It was also reported that the Joel Sierra Foundation was the target of a similar attack. CentrOriente denounced that the attack on its headquarters caused several injuries.

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