They denounce that Western countries incite Russophobia in Ukraine | News


Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), Vasili Nebenzia, denounced on Tuesday that Western countries incite Russophobia in Ukraine, which has increased after the special military operation launched last February by Moscow.


Russia receives almost 2 million refugees from Ukraine and Donbas

“It is important to note that the United States (USA) and its Western allies were very interested in the development of Ukrainian nationalism, implicated in Russophobia, who saw in it an excellent opportunity to break the historical ties between Ukraine and Russia. , as required by the corresponding geopolitical needs”, the official said.

In addition, he specified that some examples of hate speech in kyiv are the ban on education and import of Russian books, as well as the study of Russian literature, including foreign literature, in Ukrainian schools and universities.

Nebenzia added that “Western monitors pulled the kyiv negotiating team out of the diplomatic dialogue on finding a solution” to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The diplomat also noted that Western countries have sent weapons to Ukraine, supplying long-range artillery for targeted attacks on the Donbas region and the destruction of the peaceful Russian-speaking population.

“He is spending billions on a proxy war with Russia … This is the real incitement to violence on his part,” Nebenzia said.

Nebenzia stressed that Ukrainians are “our native and friendly people” and that their leaders implement a geopolitical agenda that is foreign “both to us and to the Ukrainian people.”

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