They denounce that Israel has 798 Palestinians detained without charge | News

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HaMoked, an Israeli group for human rights, denounced on Monday that the Zionist regime is detaining 798 Palestinians against whom there are no charges or trial, which represents the highest number since 2008.


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The entity revealed that these Palestinians are under the so-called "administrative detention", a modality by which Tel Aviv can keep Palestinians in jail without charge. Nor does it grant them access to the alleged evidence against them.

The organization stated that this year the number of Palestinians in administrative detention has increased, in a context in which the Israeli army continues to increase operations and actions in the West Bank, after constant demonstrations against the expansion of illegal settlements and Zionist control. in occupied territory.

HaMoked acknowledged that the Israelis argue that this policy is used to prevent terrorist attacks and keep out what he calls dangerous terrorists.

Along these same lines, it does not show evidence of why it considers the detainees that way and does not recognize that it continues to invade spaces legitimately belonging to Palestine, nor does it mention the continuous abuses, aggressions, murders and injuries caused by the Zionist soldiers against the Palestinian people. .

For her part, the executive director of HaMoked, Jessica Montell denounced that this form of detention should be used as an exceptional measure, however, Tel Aviv applies it in a generalized way.

"This has to stop. If Israel cannot bring them to trial, they must release all administrative detainees," Montell said.

It is worth mentioning that this institution joins a long list of groups of Palestinian and human rights defenders who denounce Israel for applying this measure arbitrarily, violating due process. Several inmates have been months and even years without knowing charges or concrete evidence against them.

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