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The Secretary of State in the Office of Energy of Honduras, Erick Tejada denounced that the people and users are subjected to sabotage at the national level, due to attacks against the electrical system of the Central American country.


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The official assured that each damage or attack that is proven to be intentional against generation and other energy services will be documented to investigate and criminally accuse both companies and public and private persons.

Tejada revealed that one of the sabotage actions was the spilling of 14 barrels of oil with the aim of contaminating the dam and the Patuca river. Likewise, he recounted how a turbine was pierced by two metal beams, hindering the generation of between 18 and 40 MegaWatts.

These events have seriously damaged the electrical service in the department of Olancho, as well as in the municipalities of Danlík and El Paraíso, in the department of the same name, where the thermal generating plants have an installed capacity of 850 MegaWatts.

The also manager of the National Electric Power Company (ENEE) stressed that "the interruptions at the national level are the result of the atypical unavailability of thermal energy, hiding behind the companies that the machines overheat due to high temperatures and high dispatch".

He also pointed out that: "the system is suspiciously presenting an increase of around 30 daily failures nationwide, affecting at least 1,000 subscribers each failure."

Tejada delved into the fact that the state-owned Patuca III hydroelectric dam, valued at 120 million dollars, increased its cost to 350 million dollars without legal justification, although the power transmission and distribution lines were never built.

"The little energy that it injects has been the object of two proven acts of sabotage and criminal hand, which I denounced and which is now under investigation by the State Attorney General's Office," he said.

This problem facing the Honduran Executive has its origin in innumerable damaged poles, burnt transformers, broken crossheads, destroyed insulation, tree branches on energized lines, incidence of climatic phenomena and the overload of 31 stations.

Despite these problems, Tejada assured that the Honduran government will not stop its investments in transmission, distribution and contracting of firm power and energy, until the provision of the service is guaranteed in the shortest possible time and the repair of the damage and destruction provoked.

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