They denounce Manson for raping a 16-year-old girl and threatening to kill her

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The American singer Marilyn Manson was the subject of a complaint this Monday in New York for sexual assault on a minor in 1995case opened thanks to a legal window that temporarily allows judging this type of cases until now prescribed.

The artist, named Brian Warner, 54, is accused of raping when he was 26, at the beginning of his career, a 16-year-old girl whom he met after one of his concerts, and of manipulating and abusing her until 1999 under sponsored by music executives and with the collaboration of its partners.

The complaint also implicates the artist's record labels, Interscope Music and Nothing Records, which are accused of “celebrate and promote” “pedophilic obsessions and violent behavior” of Warner "for their collective financial gain."

The document indicates that the complainant was a virgin when Manson raped her for the first time on the tour bus and in the presence of a member of his band, adding that she was later humiliated, threatened to kill her and her family if I told someone.

Despite this, the singer contacted the victim to chat with her, ask her for explicit photos for her fan club and invite her to more concerts, which led her to travel to "numerous cities and states, including New York", and to be invited to the backstage area and the tour bus.

In 1999, during about four weeks on tour, Manson allegedly again forced the then-19-year-old victim to have sex, “often” forcing her to have sex with “him and other band members or his assistant the time”.

“As is typical with a sexual predator, defendant Warner continued to exercise power and authority to maintain control over the complainant. As a result (…) of her oppressive and constant behavior, the complainant was unable to defend herself and get out of the abuse, ”he adds.

The complaint also indicates that in 2021, the victim published his story on the internet and suffered reprisalsand believes that the defendant and his wife are turning to a YouTube channel that disparages women who have accused him of abuse to try to silence her.

The controversial artist has been accused in recent years of sexual and psychological abuse by more than a dozen women, including the actress Evan Rachel Woodsomething that he has always denied, assuring that his relationships have been "agreed upon with couples with similar ideas."

The New York complaint, filed in Nassau (Long Island), calls for a jury trial and different avenues of compensation. EFE

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