They denounce fraud in elections in Guatemalan University | News


The University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC) elects this Saturday who should be the next rector of that house of higher studies amid protests and accusations of fraud that led to the marginalization of voters, interruption of the first date and multiple actions legal for and against the highest authorities.


They denounce the repressive policy of the Attorney General of Guatemala

This Saturday’s elections were called by the Superior University Council (CSU), after they could not be held on April 27 due to protests at the headquarters of the USAC Museum (Musac) by students of the Faculty of Agronomy for the exclusion of seven electoral bodies.

Since the CSU made the new election date official, in which seven electoral bodies are excluded, several groups have expressed their disagreement through pronouncements, complaints and legal actions to seek the revocation of the process.

Avante San Carlos, of the candidate Carlos Valladares expressed what he called his “forceful rejection” of the protection that ordered the new call of the 27 electoral bodies; he described this process as “anomalous” and a “demonstration of the co-optation of the State”.

For its part, the SOS USAC group, represented by Jordán Rodas, denounced that the called election “violates the autonomy” of that university and declared that “any election held after that date, in a different place, is null and void.” ”.

The College of Pharmacists and Chemists of Guatemala (Cofaqui), one of the excluded electoral bodies, also joined in the collective rejection of the new scheduled election date, stating that “by manipulating constitutional guarantees, it is intended to validate an electoral process that it has lost purity and democratic sense”.

According to student groups, government sectors would be “using social networks in which they officially manage the race, receive calls, use academic groups on WhatsApp or send them text messages.”

One of the complaints refers to the fact that they are offered to pass the courses and improve their grades. If they decide not to attend, they are threatened with failing everything, including the final exams scheduled for this weekend.

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