They denounce an attack against the president of the Conaie in Ecuador | News


The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) denounced this Saturday that the president of its organization, Leonidas Iza Salazar, suffered an attack when he was parking his vehicle, fortunately he was unharmed.


Conaie announces that it will continue the national strike in Ecuador

“They shot at our organization’s vehicle in which our president Leonidas Iza is traveling, hitting the front window while he was parked, he is fine,” reported the indigenous organization of Ecuador.

According to Conaie, these events occur when the Executive led by Guillermo Lasso has decreed a state of emergency, intensifying the repression against protesters, “we alerted this within the framework of the state of emergency and the belligerent attitude of the Government”, they limit .

It should be remembered that on June 15, the president of Conaie was released after spending 24 hours in prison in the province of Cotopaxi (center), where he joined the protest articulated by the indigenous organization and other popular sectors to reject the measures. neoliberals of the Government of Guillermo Lasso.

Leonidas Iza Salazar was accused by the Ecuadorian Police and the Ministry of the Interior of allegedly inciting the upsurge in violence, while indigenous sectors rejected the pronouncements and pressed until the release of the Conaie president.

Now, despite the fact that Guillermo Lasso decreed a state of emergency, Conaie ratified that it remains in the national strike in order to be attended by the Executive to end the neoliberal policies that affect the well-being of the people.

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