They demonstrate to demand the return of Prince George's Co. high school principal.

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Students plan to demonstrate at Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Prince George's County, Maryland, on Thursday morning in response to the ouster of the school's principal, Gorman Brown.

The new superintendent of Prince George's County Public Schools had scheduled a public meeting at Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Springdale, Maryland, several weeks ago, but when he showed up at the event last night, he knew much of the discussion would focus on something that happened this week.

House addressed the hot topic immediately, saying he knew there was a lot of support for Director Brown, who was placed on leave for reasons that have not yet been made public.

“I know that Dr. Brown is not just any principal, not just any leader, but a long-standing leader of this specific community who is widely loved and respected by many in the community,” House said. “So, having said this to parents, students and community members here tonight who may be frustrated, hurt or have specific questions, I recognize your feelings and can truly assure you that the school system is committed to resolving this issue. personnel matter. We will provide updates as we are able to do so.”

For parents and students who spoke, the only update they wanted to hear was that Brown would return to his position.

“I ask you to bring him back,” said Phyllis Wright, the first mother to speak out. “This is my first year here with my daughter. And we are very satisfied with their services.”

The students who spoke were even more enthusiastic.

«Dr. Brown, our school principal, is a true embodiment of leadership and goodwill,” said one student who said she was a senior at Flowers. "Her dedication to our school community has been unwavering and she certainly deserves to retain her position."

She, and later another student, led the people in the room in a chant that said, “Hey, hey, don't delay. Dr. Brown is here to stay.'”

Every time someone on the microphone said that, the crowd repeated it.

“I also want to add my voice to the student leaders of this building and strongly request that Dr. Gorman Brown return to his community,” said another parent named Philimena Owoma. «Dr. Brown is a strong and caring leader who has greatly impacted the school community in a positive way. Please give it back to this community,” she said.

"There are a lot of cracks and problems within PGCPS," said another woman, who did not give her name. “I know you're new. But I'm here to tell you that Dr. Brown is not one of them. Get our principal back to work for our kids.”

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