They demand that the search for sailors in Acapulco be extended

They demand that the search for sailors in Acapulco be
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Relatives of the Yacht Litos crew They blocked the main access to the Naval base, Icacos, for half an hour to demand that the search for lost sailors be expanded miles into the coast of Acapulco, during the passage of the hurricane. Otison October 24.

The protesters ask that operations be carried out at sea to search for the sailors who are still lost.

The protesters carried tarps and banners with photographs of the missing.

After half an hour of blocking, the Mexican Navy He asked them to come to his facilities to talk and officials from the Guerrero Prosecutor's Office joined the meeting, in which they agreed to continue the discussion at the Guerrero Prosecutor's Office facilities.


They agreed with the State Prosecutor's Office that from now on searches carried out at sea may be accompanied by the relatives of fishermen or yacht crew members who are lost.

However, the Navy said that for the moment it could not expand its search explorations out to sea, nor that they be carried out on flights off the coast of Oaxaca, to locate the bodies of sailors or the remains of the boats that were shipwrecked in the passage of the hurricane. Otis.

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Relatives fear that when the boats are exposed, the bodies will be affected by marine predators.

It is worth remembering that on October 24, hours before the hurricane Otis hit the coast of Acapulco, the crew of the Litos Yacht were ordered to board the boat and take care of it before the meteor passed.

On social networks, the people who demonstrated this Saturday wrote: “We demand redoubled efforts to expand the search and location of the Yate Litos crew on the coasts of Guerrero and neighboring states.”

The missing are: Abigail Andrade Rodríguez, Ulises Díaz Salgado, Alejandro Sandoval Ugarte and Fernando Parra Morales.


Captain Vicente Herrera Carrillo thought he could face the waves and wind gusts of the hurricane Otis, He was wrong, the 6 meter waves devoured the boat “Rosemary Cristy, which he was crewing and clinging to a log managed to get to safety when it was shipwrecked.

The hurricane Otis Not only did he sink his ship, he also caused the Orca boat to collide with the Acarey yacht, the first owned by the same company for which he worked, on the Orca ship, his son Sebastián Herrera Delgado was traveling.

Captain Herrera Carrillo says that in his 28 years of experience, he had never seen anything like it, since he knew how to deal with waves of up to four meters and gusts of wind, but never with a category five hurricane.

On the Rosemary Cristy boat, María Hilaria Delgado, his wife and his grandson Luis Alberto López were traveling with him.

Otis It caused waves between 5 and 6 m high, the yachts that both he and his son crewed were designed for entertainment and the strong waves ended up sinking them.

After the shipwreck of the Rosemary, Vicente clung to a log and was shipwrecked for eight hours until he emerged to La Roqueta. During his journey he found another person who had been shipwrecked and remained next to him on a log until navy personnel helped them.

After surviving, the search began for his three relatives, in addition to 350 of his companions from the sea who are missing.

Together with more people searching for their relatives, Captain Vicente hired the services of divers, who were paid 15 thousand pesos for a two-day search, thus managing to recover his body and bury him.

Contrary to the data he manages, the person from the Navy who reports the search for more than 300 ships, Captain Vicente, assures that there are at least 1,200 sunken ships.

-Pedro Tonantzin


Through a statement, the Government of Guerrero confirmed that the priority of the state and federal administrations is to restore 1,224 schools located in the municipalities of Coyuca de Benítez and Acapulco, to return to classes as soon as possible.

The meeting held in Acapulco was headed by the Secretary of the Interior, Luisa María Alcalde, and Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda, in addition to the heads of the Ministry of Public Education, Leticia Ramírez Amaya; and Welfare, Ariadna Montiel Reyes.

The Secretary of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), Román Meyer, also participated. Officials reviewed progress in reconstruction of hurricane disaster areas Otis.

Federal and state authorities are working together to restore the operation of 1,224 schools. Photo: Special

Both Evelyn Salgado and the representatives of the federal government agreed that it is a priority to know in detail the situation of each of the affected properties to guarantee the safety of students, teachers, as well as administrative and support staff.

Later, the governor, in coordination with the head of Sedatu, followed up on the cleaning work in the 14 areas into which the port colonies were divided, so there is now a cleaning plan.

This is a coordinated work between the different levels of government to achieve the strengthening of the actions of collection and proper disposal of solid waste generated by Otis.

-Pedro Tonantzin

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