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Human rights and feminist organizations staged sit-ins and other forms of protest this Monday and plan to continue this week to demand greater speed in the search for lawyer María Belén Bernal, who was last seen on September 11 at the Escuela Police Superior.


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On Monday, several women gathered outside the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office in Pichincha, in the capital, to make clear the claims around Bernal.

This protest is the third to take place in Quito due to the situation of the lawyer, as well as other women who are missing.

According to the spokeswoman for the group Mujeres por el Cambio, Cecilia Jaramillo, the National Police and the State are responsible for what happened to María Belén Bernal, due to what she described as the shortcomings in the controls of the police station where the now disappeared was. .

In this sense, Jaramillo called for an end to the violence and insecurity experienced by women and demanded that public policies be implemented to prevent these cases.

The one in Quito was one of the demonstrations that joined those of feminist groups in Guayaquil, Cuenca, Ibarra, Loja, Machala, whose purpose was to expose their outrage at the actions of the authorities in what happened to Bernal, as well as in other disappearances. and deaths of women.

Meanwhile, the family of María Belén Bernal called a rally in the capital for next Wednesday, which will take place in the afternoon.

The search and investigation of Bernal’s whereabouts has lasted for more than five days in operations to locate the victim, in which around 200 policemen, prosecutors, Quito firefighters, metropolitan agents and members of the Armed Forces have participated. .

For the Ecuadorian Interior Minister, Patricio Carrillo, Bernal “is still technically a disappeared person.”

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