They demand more electric charging centers for cars

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The driversyes of electric cars around the world are demanding more parking and charging solutions for their cars, according to the Global Driver Survey 2023, by Borderless Access.

The survey collected responses from 5,454 motorists around the world, including 2,225 electric vehicle owners, and revealed that most of them struggle to find parking and charging locations, and would highly value access to these. advantages and, in addition, pay through their vehicles.

Among the results of the investigation are:

  • 92 percent of those surveyed highlighted the difficulty in locating parking with charging stations.
  • Speaking specifically of the United States, 18% of motorists have difficulties in each search for available parking with charging stations, with significant differences between states,
  • 58% of drivers in New York, 47% in California and 46% in Texas face parking challenges "very often" or "all the time," while this number drops to 23% in Ohio.

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Additionally, 77% of global respondents say they would value having a vehicle that offers integrated parking services for electric charging, allowing them to navigate directly to their chosen locations.

At the same time, the research found that drivers are demanding better charging services, with many saying it would be great if their vehicles helped them find parking with charging stations.

More than 90% of drivers electric vehicles around the world are anxious to find a place to charge away from home, with 91% in Europe and 92% in the US.

Unfortunately, anxiety about charging is not an unfounded fear, with 44% of EV drivers reporting they have run out of charge and 22% finding themselves stranded multiple times.

These numbers are particularly high in the United States, where almost half of electric vehicle owners have run out of charge and a quarter have not reached their destination due to a repeatedly dead battery.

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