They demand in Luis Díaz's hometown the prompt release of his father | Video

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Keila Medina Sarmientomunicipal representative of Canyonstold reporters this Tuesday that the entire population is waiting for safe return of Luis Manuel Díaz, father of the Liverpool footballer, Luis Diaz, kidnapped 10 days ago by the guerrilla National Liberation Army (ELN) north of Colombia.

The representative of Public ministry explained:

We make a call, rather a demand, for the prompt release of Mr. Luis Manuel Díaz because many days have already passed and each of the demands that they have had to make have been met and we do not understand the reason for the delay unjustified release.

The official added that, if they are summoned to help in the release of the father of the Colombian scorer, they have “all the disposition to provide the accompaniment“.

Luis Manuel Diaz has not yet been released by the National Liberation Army (ELN), 10 days after having kidnaped. The inhabitants of Canyons They continue to be between hope and anguish.

The passing of the days without news worries the country and the authorities, who on Monday withdrew from the rural area of ​​Barrancas some 300 police and military who participate in his search, after the THE N justify the delay military presence in the surroundings of Barrancasin the Caribbean department of La Guajira.

For Cecilia Pereza neighbor of the Díaz family, the situation is one of uncertainty because “one day they say one thing, that they are almost going to release him, but the next day they no longer say anything.”

This is a quiet town and although it is not the first time that a kidnapping has occurred, no one imagined that they were going to mess with Mane Díaz.

Although the Army and Police They suspended the search operation in the mountains of the Perijá mountain rangeplace where the ELN is supposed to have taken Luis Manuel Diazthe checkpoints are maintained on the access roads to the town of Barrancas.

Miguel Sarmientoa police lieutenant who commands a checkpoint on the highway that connects Barrancas with the neighboring town of Fonseca, explains that “they are now at this point verifying that there are no problems with the vehicles.”

He THE N is in peace negotiations with Colombian governmentwith which it also has in force a bilateral ceasefire of 180 days that began last August 3 but various authorities. Several experts have warned that this kidnapping puts those dialogues at risk.

(With information from EFE)

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