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Thousands of Bulgarians took to the streets this Friday to protest the dizzying rise in inflation in their country, low wages and to demand an adequate financial policy from the Government, local media reported.


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According to reports, for the first time the two largest national unions, the Podkrepa Confederation of Labor and the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, are joining together to take a mass protest to the National Assembly building in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

"This is a warning, the next step is the strike," the leader of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, Plamen Dimitrov, told reporters.

The plaintiffs delivered a joint statement to the Government to speed up the adoption of an adequate budget for next year, without extending the current one, and avoid freezing a minimum wage that is out of step with galloping inflation, the document explains.

Similarly, they ask for support for large sectors of the population that are exposed to energy poverty during the winter and the preservation of jobs.

Currently, Bulgaria is governed by an interim cabinet with limited powers after winning four general elections in less than two years, with a serious political gridlock due to a fragmented Parliament, unable to achieve a final coalition.

“A long-term policy, such as income policy should be, must be formulated and executed by a regular government. That is why at the moment the interim government does not have the right to form an income policy”, Prime Minister Galab Donev objected to public opinion.

In coordination with the crowd, some 1,000 cars also paraded through the main avenues of Sofia, attracting attention and causing traffic interruptions, according to the media.

Official figures set inflation at 18.7 percent, a figure that many specialists consider a conservative calculation, in controversy with Bulgaria's aspirations to join the eurozone on January 1, 2024.

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