They defend the SCOP Center 2023/10/16

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The SCOP Center was one of the great achievements of Mexican muralism, but until now the Federation has not shown much interest in rescuing this heritage for all. Hence, numerous people from various sectors, descendants of the deceased artists, as well as artists and intellectuals such as Alberto Híjar, Joaquín Díez-Canedo, Ramón Vargas Salguero, Xavier Guzmán Urbiola, Esther Muñoz, Carla Rippey, Eloy Tarcisio, Fernando Leal Audirac, Mónica Mayer, Pedro Salmerón, Óscar de Pablo, Luis Mario Moncada, Lucila Rousset Harmony, Jimena Granados and hundreds more demand that the authorities respect the location of the pictorial and sculptural works of the complex and that they provide extensive and proper information on the SCOP Cultural Center project, its stages and objectives. In particular, they demand “the reincorporation of elements
missing from the original project” and that the opinion of specialists and neighbors be taken. Of course, it seems like a lot to ask of the authorities, but we will have to insist that they fulfill their obligation to ensure the rescue and maintenance of our artistic wealth.

Murals of the National Palace

A great guide to accompany the visit is the book Diego Rivera's murals in the National Palaceof Alfredo Hernandez Murillowho breaks down this monumental work for greater understanding of the spectators, since it is known that complete knowledge of such a broad and complex production requires several visits and the illustration offered by specialists. Luis Rodriguez is the wonderful designer of those pages where the photographic work of Juan Antonio Hernández Rosas. The edition was sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City. A complete success.

Marc Cooper in the Zócalo

The Zócalo Book Fair is a massive event, which is greatly helped by the fact that there is no entrance fee. Positions (standsin Spanglish) have a very varied offering and you can get titles cheaper than in a bookstore, in addition to the fact that attendees receive valuable works for free, as organized by the Para Leer en Libertad brigade, directed by Paloma Saiz, who has vast experience in promoting reading. The author of this column had to accompany Mark Cooper at the presentation of his book Chilean memories 1973in which he narrates in an agile way the visit of Fidel Castro to Chile—where the Cuban leader stayed 23 days—and the main events that led to the bloody coup d'état of
Pinochet and that uniformed trash that the Chilean president trusted until the penultimate day.

Court vs. the composers?

The Mexican delegation that was negotiating the renewal of the Free Trade Agreement, in December 2019, accepted “modifying protocols” that prevent composers from deciding who is allowed to distribute their works and who is not. The Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico decided to protect itself from such protocols that infringe copyright, but now the minister Javier Laynez

Potisek It seeks to deny creators the rights granted to them by the Berne Convention, since in its opinion authors must settle for the royalties that companies give them.

12 years ago he died Miguel Ángel Granados Pin, a period journalist, a tireless pen in denouncing errors, corruption and absurdities of “our” political class. It is no exaggeration to say that he was the Francisco Zarco of our time. That's how big it was. @@@ Very deservedly, Margaret of Orellana He received the Juan Pablos Prize awarded by Caniem. She is the woman who writes, edits and does the difficult job of looking for publicity for the beautiful Artes de México publications. Congratulations!

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