They create a trust for the Mayan Train; endorse Federal Law of Rights

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With the majority vote of Morena and its allies from the PT and the Green Ecologist, the Federal Law of Rights for 2024 was approved and, with it, the creation of three trusts that will be administered by the Armed Forces.

One of the trusts is for 24 billion pesos for the Maya Train, which will be operated by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena). It is the proposal of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to allocate the revenue from the entry of foreign visitors for tourism purposes to the trust of the company Tren Maya SA de CV, in charge of Sedena.

While the other two trusts will be satisfied with the increase in the charge of 5% and 9% to private assignees and concessionaires for the use of federal airports, resources that will be allocated to the airport system in charge of Sedena and the Navy. It is specified that the increase will not apply to public entities.

In a heated debate with the deputies of the PAN, PRI, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano, Morena and its allies from the Together We Make History coalition, endorsed, with 239 votes in favor, 196 against and two abstentions, the economic proposal that passed to the Senate of the Republic.

On the contrary, the PAN deputy, Héctor Saúl Téllez, questioned the creation of the fund for the Mayan Train, a day after the deputies of Morena and allies endorsed the disappearance of 13 of the 14 trusts of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, for 15 billion pesos.

“Today, Morena and its allies intend to approve the creation of a trust. Very strange, yesterday they voted so that the Judiciary does not have this type of figures. This trust will manage, through an Army company, approximately 17 billion pesos in tourism income. Destination: Mayan Train,” he criticized.

Sonia Rocha, from Acción Nacional, questioned the charge, arguing that currently foreigners pay 687 pesos and the proposal does not have a structure to promote tourism. Meanwhile, Julieta Mejía, from Movimiento Ciudadano, denounced that this measure leaves the National Migration Institute (INM) without resources, which puts its functionality at risk.

There were 208 proposals for changes and only one from Morena was accepted, led by deputy Mario Miguel Carrillo Cubillas, who presented the reserve approved by the ruling bloc for the formation of the other two trusts that proposes increasing the charge from 5% to 9%. to concession holders for the use of federal airports.

“This reservation seeks to raise the rate to which the gross income of the concessionaires or assignees is subject to from 5% to 9%, but we are even talking about exploitation, it is not even a tax burden,” argument.

The Morenista said that said tax will guarantee that new trade routes can be opened to and from the United States, and internationally. Which means greater travel, tourism, economic benefits, growth and income.

Against the reservation, the National Action deputy Ana Laura Sánchez said that about 60 billion will be obtained for this collection of rights. The vice coordinator of the PAN, Jorge Triana Tena, warned that this increase will impact users and accused the federal government of “sinking its teeth into airline users, increasing the TUA, whose costs are 332 billion pesos.” .

Lower cost of titles and IDs

Indigenous people from communities adjacent to archaeological sites will not pay to enter them.

The Law of Rights 2024, approved last night in general and in particular by the deputies, establishes a 70% discount for the registration of a technician or technical professional title, as well as for the issuance of the respective professional license.

Next year's collection proposal states that indigenous people residing in said sites and tourist guides are exempt from paying for access to archaeological sites and zones.

The payment of the customs processing fee is incorporated into the import and export of goods within the framework of international treaties that exclude them from the collection of charges or rights on their value, a fee that will be charged as of December 30, 2023. .

It includes the payment for the service of reception, study and processing of each concentration notification, it is updated regardless of the agreement or resolution issued by the Federal Economic Competition Commission.

The right to authorize commercial forest plantations on preferably forest lands in areas greater than 800 hectares is repealed.

It establishes that individuals and legal entities who obtain temporary use of the radio spectrum may make the payment of the rights within three months following the granting of the authorization.

Adjustments in installments

These are some of the duty payments that will change in 2024.

  • 348.4 pesos will cost the registration of a professional title, specialty diploma and academic degree.
  • $139 will cost the issuance of a professional license with patent effects or an academic degree license.
  • $669.03 will be the payment for the issuance of certificates of registration and non-registration in the National Maritime Public Registry.
  • 15,368 pesos will have to be paid for a certificate or renewal to operate as a private educational institution.
  • 1,535.5 pesos for authorization to practice as an instructor in private educational institutions.
  • Members of indigenous communities who live in municipalities adjacent to archaeological zones, and tourist guides, will not pay to enter.

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