They create a large artistic map of Mexico

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More than 60 works by artists such as Francisco Toledo, Leonora Carrington, Olga Costa, Lola Cueto, Joaquín Clausell, Pedro Friedeberg, Diego Rivera and Vicente Rojo illustrate the book Come see Mexican art. An invitation to boys and girlspublished by Ekaré Sur-Hueders, which recreates a simple and panoramic look at the history of art created in Mexico.

The intention of this book is to invite boys and girls to get closer to the world of art, for which we have selected works by Mexican artists or those who have painted in our country, which project an artistic map based on basic concepts such as line, color and composition, Enrique Giner de los RĂ­os explains in an interview.

The volume includes works from different schools and periods, with different techniques and supports to show a diversity of proposals that expand the universe of their aesthetic experiences.

Furthermore, he assures that this volume, built with an easily accessible visual narrative, takes up the teachings of Vasili Kandinsky, as in a classical school on syntax in art, composition, but in a more relaxed and intuitive way: it is a small Art history catalog dedicated to primary or secondary school children with a little curiosity about the world of art.

Does the book also seek to make its readers lose their fear of artistic creation? “That is exactly the invitation: to show the accessible side of art, to present its layers and show how a painter decided to put the figure on the right, use warm tones, portray his friends or paint what he dreamed of.”

In short, this work opens multiple possibilities for children to not only recognize some general keys to the art world in Mexico, says Enrique Giner de los RĂ­os, but also suggests to readers experimentation with its everyday themes.

Distributed by Sexto Piso, the book opens with the piece Structures 37/50by Francisco Castro Leñero; The Palizada Riverby Alfredo Zalce; Cat, by Hector Xavier; and Notes for Gunner Bby Jan Hendrix.

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