They confirm the signing of Julián Araujo by FC Barcelona although his arrival will become official in summer

Julian Araujo

Photo: Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

The sports director of FC Barcelona, ​​Mateu Alemany confirmed the signing of the Mexican footballer Julián Araujothis despite the fact that the incorporation could not be carried out to date due to the famous 18-second delay in bureaucratic procedures.

He is a footballer that we have been following for a long time that due to circumstances, due to a failure of the FIFA system, it could not be closed. The famous 18 seconds. He was a footballer who came for the second team"Alemania said.

We count on him and solutions are sought, via TAS or play in a team these five months and then incorporate the player“, he reiterated.

This confirms the arrival of Julián Araujo to FC Barcelona, ​​coming from the LA Galaxy, also despite reaching the reserve team, the Mexican has serious chances of fighting to play in the first team.

The signing of the Mexican soccer player trained in the United States will be made official until the summer, and during this date a loan to another team is planned so that later at the end of the campaign you can find out how culé.

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