They confirm a 10% drop in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency | News


The CoinDesk platform, which is in charge of the Bitcoin market, reported this Monday that said cryptocurrency had a 10 percent drop and was placed below 25 thousand dollars, which represents the lowest value in 18 months.


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Similarly, CoinDesk reported that the value was reduced by 50.66 percent since the beginning of the year, and particularly since 12:00 (New York time) the collapse of bitcoin was recorded to $23,244.50. The decline in these months, if you compare it to its value in November 2021, the cryptocurrency plummeted 65 percent.

Local media estimated that since last weekend more than 200,000 million dollars have been eliminated from the entire cryptocurrency market. For its part, the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance, said on Monday that it was “repairing several minor hardware failures in the wallet consolidation nodes today, which caused previous transactions that were pending to be transmitted to the network. after the nodes were repaired.”

Vijay Ayyar, vice president of corporate and international development at cryptocurrency exchange platform Luno, said Bitcoin prices could be even lower over the next month or so.

The valuation on the fall of bitcoin is also due, according to Vijay Ayyar, to the decision of the cryptocurrency platform Celsius Network to stop the withdrawal of funds from its clients and prohibit transfers between accounts.

“Generally speaking, markets were already under pressure from concerns over inflation and interest rate hikes, but with cryptocurrencies, such contagion events could cause outsized drops, given the market is so tightly intertwined these days. with a variety of protocols and interconnected businesses,” he said.

Similarly, the second best-known cryptocurrency in the market, ethereum, plummeted this Monday, 19.47 percent, to $1,227.26.

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