They complicate university “birth”

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  • CCH students and staff were tricked into an event in support of an official.

Blame the Presidential General Staff of '68, another lie...

On more than one occasion in this space, regardless of personal considerations or circumstances, we have referred to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) as a guarantor of freedom, democracy and respect for the rights of each and every one of the Mexicans, so, let us insist, their autonomy must be respected by the Powers of the State—the federal government, in particular—, other social leaders and, above all, by the members of their own community.

The above is important because, when the highest house of studies faces the process of renewing the head of its rectory, now in charge of Dr. Enrique Grauethis premise does not seem to be fully fulfilled, not at least on the part of a good number of local authorities, students and academics interested in guaranteeing access “by order” to the coveted position of a rector, as on several occasions. and areas has been reported.

There, as an example, are the multiple demands made public by the UNAM community about the alleged manipulation of teachers and administrators, plus students, in specific cases, in support of the current secretary general of the institution, Dr. Leonardo Lomeliwho also seems to be receiving “undue” support in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Chemistry, where their directors would have given instructions in this regard or, externally, the alleged deception of which students and staff of the Colleges of Sciences and Humanities taken to the auditorium of the medical center to an event in support of the aforementioned official, “the preferred candidate, by the way, of Benjamin Barajasgeneral director of the CCH”, refer to sources consulted on the point.

Aside from considerations or versions about what is supposedly happening now within the university, within the framework of the strategic succession, the truth is that no one should escape the fact that if actions and complaints such as those referred to—typical, by the way, of everything process like the one now being experienced—could give way to greater interference by, for example, external actors who, needless to say, are now involved in their own succession process, who know that they can count on the collaboration and support of authorities university students, it is indeed attractive, to say the least.

These don't seem to be the current times for this, do they?...


* Now it turns out that, although you may not believe it, also the senator German Martinez He plagiarized a chapter and the final conclusions, at least, from his bachelor's thesis. The matter, due to the way of being and acting of the former PAN leader, will tend to grow and reach the highest levels of attention. At the time.

* As in the last two years, hundreds of thousands of Mexican men and women will march this Sunday in the main cities of the country to, shouting "We continue to believe in Mexico", support women and life, particularly that of the little one who lives now in the womb. In the capital, it will leave at 10 from the Monument to the Revolution towards the Zócalo…

Let's meet on Friday with another matter Political in nature.

Enrique Aranda
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