They catch Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella without any clothes in 'La Casa De Los Famosos México'

Wendy Guevara was caught by the cameras of 'La Casa De Los Famosos México' without clothes.

Photo: Instagram @soywendyguevaraoficial / Getty Images

Wendy Guevara It has become one of the great favorites of the audience of 'La Casa De Los Famosos México' a month after it began. The reality show cameras are constantly recording the participants and this time the influencer showed her uncensored body without realizing it.

On this occasion, the member of 'Las Perdidas, gave something to talk about because her body without clothes was captured in the live broadcast of the program.

Apparently Wendy would have gone to bathebut maybe you forgot something and realized it after you got in the shower, so He had to go out to look for what he needed, but he did it nothing more and nothing less than… without clothes or a towel.

An Internet user who was watching the broadcast noticed that while the camera was closely showing Bárbara Torres crying because of the situation he is going through within the program, at the bottom of the shot it is possible to visualize that Wendy without clothing and clearly it is possible to see the back and its rear that has impacted many on social networks.

Although Wendy is not seen in the foreground, The netizen found it funny at the time and uploaded it to TikTok, managing to quickly go viral.

"I was seeing Barbara's hair and crying and suddenly Wendy came out without clothes," wrote the reality show follower about the video in which Wendy's buttocks are seen.

The clip that is viral on social networks has reactions on TikTok: “OMG! We all wish we had Wendy's great body."; “Wendy has told the boss that she doesn't get upset if she gets caught like that”; "She's already Barbie Guevara, what a great body"; "No wonder it drives my Nico crazy"; "But, how is this event possible?"; “Wendy was very pretty after her surgeries. What she has is broad shoulders because most men have broad shoulders”; "I can't stop watching this video, now I understand Nicola"; "I just needed this video to understand Mbappé and Nicola if something happens with Wendy"; "First Nicola and now Wendy openly", "Me with my mucus outside being sad and this comes out" and "the body and face of a young lady".

Nicola Porcella without underwear

Wendy and Nicola have starred in moments that have caught the attention of the audience because it seems that there is a lot of chemistry between them, so much so that Internet users have commented that they would like them to "officialize" a relationship inside and outside the reality show.

This week, before Wendy Guevara was caught without clothes in the house, a camera shot made Nicola Pocella look "as God brought him into the world."

After carrying out a dynamic in which each famous person had to pull a chain so that a green liquid (if they were not a winner) or pink confetti (if they were immune this week) fell on them, those who lost had to go to The shower.

Apparently Nicola and her colleagues forgot that the post-gala was being broadcast, it was then that, in a commercial with Cecilia Galliano, the actor showed his body without underwear, taking off his towel when he had just come out of the bath.

The situation for the driver went unnoticed because she was turning her back on the screen that showed celebrities inside the house.

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