They carry out a march against racism in Argentina | News

They carry out a march against racism in Argentina |
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The Plaza de Mayo was the place chosen in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, for the first march against racism and to claim the importance of the Afro-descendant population.


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In what was the first of the Afro-descendant towns in Argentina, the march left the Plaza de Mayo towards the headquarters of the National Congress with a series of demands, mainly against racism.

The representative of this march, Diego Bonga, declared that "the march is to give visibility to the fight that we have been doing for several decades in this beautiful Argentine nation, blessed by the blood of black people on the battlefields."

“Fight racism, combat discrimination, be able to merge our beautiful culture, put an end to preconceptions, try to denounce that institutional racism that exists, that discriminatory policy, and assert our rights as human beings,” Bonga added.

Furthermore, the representative of the mobilization stressed that “beyond Afro-descendants we are a fight for human rights, but we added Afro-descendants, because at some point in history they considered us not to be human.”

"In fact, here we are, standing, with pride, with dignity, and defending a legacy that deserves to be recognized, deserves to be respected, and this whole fight that we are carrying out with our own resources deserves to be made visible," he said.

Bonga said he was worried about the policy that candidate Javier Milei, who will compete for the Argentine presidency with the official candidate Sergio Massa, could adopt in the second round of elections to be held on November 19.

“Many people are very concerned in that sense. There are complaints that have to do with integration, more than anything. This society has to be correctly informed about blackness, about the different nations that they have brought, with their knowledge, with their great contribution that we have made to the construction. That is, our ancestors,” he added.

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