They captured a puma that entered a “chela” business in Tulancingo

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A Cougar surprised workers and customers of a alcoholic beverage establishment in the municipality of Tulancingoin the state of Hidalgo.

According to the first reports, personnel from the business with the company name “Charochelas” they started hearing strange noises so they checked the place until they arrived at the store and there they got a scare when they saw the feline. They immediately notified the authorities.

Elements of firefighters, civil protection and the Nicolás Bravo Zoo arrived at the business located on Narciso Mendoza Street, in the Los Álamos neighborhood, to coordinate the control and capture of the animal.

After several minutes, they managed sedate him and later move it safe to an animal shelter where it is under observation.

“This sh*t is really skinny, right?”asked one of the employees. “Yes, it looks like a greyhound.”responded another.

The authorities reported that personnel from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency were notified (PROFEPA); However, the origin of the puma is still unknown.

He jaguar, ocelot, wild cat, ocelot, jaguarundi and puma They are the six Mexican felines that live in Hidalgo territory, according to the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources of Hidalgo (Semarnat).

The ecosystems that reside in the region are cloud, temperate and oak forests, as well as scrublands and dry jungles, which are home to reptiles, plants from arid climates, mammals and felines.

84 kilometers from Tulancingo is the Actopan Biological Corridorwhich in 2020 was decreed as the “Puma Sanctuary”, in order to protect this animal species in the region.

With an investment of more than 2.4 million pesos, Semarnat has carried out the monitoring with camera trapshas reintroduced various wild species and has rebuilt corrals.

Through the implementation of this program, it is possible to know the route and movement of pumas, while with monitoring more information can be obtained about their behavior in order for there to be a healthy coexistence between communities of predators.

It is worth remembering that in June 2017, the municipal presidency of Actopan requested the support of the Semarnat of Hidalgo to address the problem caused by a puma that was attacking domestic livestock in various locations in the mountainous area of ​​said municipality.

The puma (Freepik)
The puma (Freepik)

After the mythical jaguar, It is the most abundant feline in the country and Americawith presence both in areas that are at sea level, to places with high altitudes.

In general, the Mexican puma (not because it is an endemic species, but because it was born and inhabits the country) is a lonely animal which is high up on the food chain and enjoys being in the temperate zones of Mexico. He is a pest controller and Its mere presence is an indicator that its habitat is preserved in good condition.

It is mainly characterized by being extremely agile and slender figure. They have a round head and erect ears. The front legs of pumas have five retractable claws, while the rear legs have four. It usually has gray, red and brown colors on the back, with a light-colored belly area. The same for pumas of other nationalities.

Furthermore, the baby cougars They have spots on their back that are visible up to six or 10 months of age, the tips of their ears and tail are black. On the face they have light-colored markings, one around the snout and a black patch at the base of the mustache.

It is worth mentioning that pumas do not roar, But they can purr, growl and even vocalize high-pitched whistles.

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