They capture Lydia Cacho's torturer

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By. Jose C. Serrano

Article 6 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States protects the right to freedom of expression.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought and expression. This right includes the freedom to seek, receive and disseminate information and ideas, whether orally, in writing, or through new information technologies, which cannot be subject to prior censorship, but to subsequent responsibilities expressly established by the law".

Without the right to freedom of expression it is impossible for citizens to be informed or to demand from the authorities an adequate accountability, They would even be unable to share positions with the rest of the people, so their own perception and vision of the world would be extremely limited.

Strengthened in her convictions by the forcefulness of the enunciated legal precept, the journalist, writer, lecturer and human rights activist, Lydia Maria Cacho Ribeiro, Born in Mexico City, living for a time in Cancun, Quintana Roo and naturalized Spanish, she decided to make the material obtained after long and in-depth investigations public.

In 2004 he wrote the book the demons of eden. The power that protects child pornographywhere he denounces the pedophilia mafia in Mexico and the commercial exploitation of sex with minors, with the consent of the political class and involves various public figures.

It is not an easy subject. A sleepy society that does not move a finger is exhibited. It involves dozens of children up to five years old (mainly girls); to corrupt policemen and politicians, and to networks of drug trafficking and child pornography. It is a real life story. Dozens of little girls were forced to have sex and be videotaped by the sick man Jean Succar Kuri.

Writing or reading a book on child abuse and trade is not easy or enjoyable. However, it is more dangerous for society to remain silent about this phenomenon. Faced with the mute complicity of society and the State, hundreds of minors are victims of merchants who turn them into sexual objects for the purchase and sale and enjoyment of millions of men, who find in child sexual abuse and pornography, a delight personnel without ethical questions.

The publication of the demons of eden it was successful. This angered the Lebanese businessman Kamel Nacif Borgewho filed a complaint against the journalist for the alleged crime of defamationThis generated a political scandal in Puebla due to the involvement of the then PRI governor Mario Plutarco Marin Torres.

Hugo Adolfo Karam Beltran, former head of the Judicial Police of the then Puebla State Attorney General's Office, following orders from marin torres he coordinated compliance with an arrest warrant against Lydia Cacho and instructed his subordinates to torture and humiliate her.

He commissioned police from Puebla to travel to Cancun, Quintana Roo, in order to carry out the capture. The return transfer was carried out by land, and on that journey the uniformed women tortured the journalist under the supervision of Karam Beltran.

For these facts, mario marin He is in prison, just like the pedophile Jean Succar Kuri. Meanwhile, the textile businessman Kamel Nacif Borge He is still a fugitive from Mexican justice, having fled to Lebanon.

Hugo Adolfo Karam Beltran He was arrested at 8:42 a.m. last Thursday, July 13, on Miguel Alemán boulevard in the port of Veracruz. He was subsequently placed before the First Unitary Court of the Twenty-seventh Circuit.

After 18 years of waiting, justice is present before the journalist Lydia Cacho. Congratulations!

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