They capture a young man with “ghost guns”


A 20-year-old man was arrested after a police stop in which it was discovered that in his vehicle he had multiple firearms and tools to make “ghost guns”, that is, privately manufactured weapons that are received for parts to assemble at home.

In addition to being an underage minor, Lawrence Harrison was driving the car with a suspended driver’s license.

This case occurred on Wednesday, February 23, but the Montgomery County Fifth District Police released it in a report on Monday, February 28.

The report stated that at approximately 7 pm on Wednesday the 23rd, a 5th District agent made a traffic stop for a vehicle in the area of ​​Henderson Corner Road and Seneca Crossing Drive.

As officers approached the car, they could smell marijuana emanating from inside. Officers then made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Lawrence Harrison, and learned that he was on a suspended driver’s license.

Searching the vehicle discovered a 9mm handgun, part of a 3D-printed Privately Manufactured Firearm (PMF), commonly known as a “ghost gun,” and marijuana.

A search warrant was subsequently executed at Harrison’s residence. Other firearms, firearm parts, and tools used to make PMF were found at the home.

Harrison was charged with multiple weapons offenses and traffic violations.

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