They capture a giant rat in New York, 'they grow differently' say Internet users

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A rat from New York has gone viral on social media after being recorded in the aisles of a supermarket. The animal has surprised users for being abnormally large.

In the video, an individual can be seen recording, first from a distance, the enormous rat that sniffs between boxes and food.

The cameraman approaches the animal little by little, until the rat can be clearly seen: it is the size of a small dog.

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In the presence of the human, the giant rat runs away, showing its tail at least 15 centimeters long.

The video already has more than 171 thousand views on Twitter and hundreds of thousands more on TikTok.

Users have commented that due to the size of the rat it cannot be real. Others, in a mocking tone, have said “they grow different” in New York, alluding to the enormous amounts of waste food to which these animals have access.

“It looks like a dog,” another Internet user commented.

The sightings of “Giant” rats have been documented throughout the city.

Rat plague in New York

The great world capitals maintain a complicated relationship with rats. Thanks to the huge amount of wasted food, these animals are assured of their survival in landfills and sewers.

New York is no exception. On social networks like TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) There are numerous videos that show the plague that these rodents represent. It is at night when they are widely visible.

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Given the inability of health authorities and residents to control the rat infestation, the New York government this year appointed Kathleen Corradi as the new head of Rodent Mitigation. A position focused solely on combating these rodents and controlling the damage caused by them.

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