They call to avoid deaths from breast cancer

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He breast cancer It is not fatal if it is located in the early stages of its development, if the patient carries out the required treatment, changes her habits and a support network is created around her that allows her to endure this process, he assured. Mónica Trujillo Góngora, director of MUSASa non-governmental organization that contributes to the reduction of cases of the disease.

In a conference that Trujillo Góngora gave in IMAGEstated that the chances of developing breast cancer decrease if risk factors, such as stress, are left aside.

Most of the factors that make us sick with cancer are lifestyle factors and it is a hurried lifestyle in which you do not have time to eat, exercise and all this leads to a constant state of stress in the body.

Let's start focusing on what does work in our home, in our body, and in our environment and after that the important thing is as a society to unload things that we wouldn't have to carry," Trujillo Góngora pointed out.

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He recognized that women are usually the pillar of the house, they take care of their members and are the providers of the home. However, it is necessary that they define their priorities and avoid excess stress as much as possible, and form a network of support around you.

The accompaniment is about that. 'I understand that you are going through a difficult situation, I am here for you to tell me how I can help you.' In the case of women with cancer, many are afraid to say it so as not to cause distress, so as not to worry anyone else, so as not to receive advice, or 'I don't want them to pity me', of course. There are all those avenues.

And here what we want to say is: 'yes, we have empathetic women'. We should all be a more empathetic society whether we experience it firsthand or not. Empathy is the basis, solidarity and being willing to help and for us to be a society more willing to share, to say, 'I need help,'" explained the director of MUSAS.

Trujillo Góngora insisted that cancer detected in time is not fatal, and MUSAS helps speed up the time that passes between when it is detected and the disease is overcome.

In Mexico, in 2022, 7,888 deaths from breast cancer were recorded, which represented 9 percent of the deaths associated with that disease.

Cancer does not mean automatic death and cancer begins to form between seven and ten years before it begins to show any manifestations. It means that cancer is not what kills you. No. What kills you is not treating it in time,” he stressed.

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