They broadcast a video of a police officer murdered in Mexico who "confesses" to belong to the cartel founded by Caro Quintero

Marco Antonio López Félix, one of the three police brothers deprived of their liberty by armed men weeks ago.

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Former police officer Marco Antonio Félix López, whose body was found dead on Sunday in Ciudad Obregón, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, confessed in a video before he was murdered and spread on social networks that he and his brothers were members of the La Plaza cartelwhich was founded by the drug trafficker Caro Quintero, and which involved various crimes.

In the filming circulates on social networks and the media, an alleged hitman is heard interviewing Marco Antonio, brother of police officers José de Jesús and Carlos Armando, all with the last names Félix López, who had been kidnapped a week ago by armed men at a family party.

In the executions that we have participated in, it was that of the candidate Abel Murrieta. Also during the execution of Commander Jesús Navarro, my brother and 'the psychopath' followed him from the headquarters. Commander Andrés Moroyoqui was killed for not accepting bribes and Commander Valdez Picos was killed because he had a program to combat various stores (drug sales points) ”, confesses the former agent in the video recording.

The Citizen Movement candidate for mayor of Cajeme, in the state of Sonora, Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez, was shot to death during an act of his electoral campaign on May 13, 2021, in Ciudad Obregón.

This was the first prosecutor to investigate the case of the ABC Day Care Center fire in Hermosillo and later he was a lawyer for the LeBaron family, in the trial for the massacre of the Langford, Miller and Johnson Mormon families that occurred on November 4, 2019 between Sonora and Chihuahua, where three mothers and six of their children died.

In the video, the former police officer also talks about how he and his brothers participated in the executions of the commander of the Cajeme Municipal Police Víctor Hugo Valdez Picos -murdered on May 13- and in the murders of the Police Operations Director, Jesús Navarro Velarde and his bodyguard, agent Joel Alberto Galindo, murdered on March 31.

It was last Friday, June 30, when three brothers, police officers in Cajeme, Marco Antonio, José de Jesús and Carlos Armando were kidnapped. with violence from a family party in Pueblo Yaqui, by armed men.

Regarding the video where former agent Marco Antonio confesses his participation in the crimes of Abel Murrieta and police commanders in Cajeme, the governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo, said that they will seek to strengthen the trust tests in security agencies.

“It is unfortunate, the murder of police officers is sad. A video has circulated where they themselves acknowledge irregular participation in their performance, there we are reinforcing the control and trust tests to make them more rigorous," declared the Governor of Sonora.

Cajeme is one of the most violent municipalities in the countrymade up of Ciudad Obregón and the valley where the original Yaqui people live.

The cartels that dispute this region are the La Plaza or Caborca ​​cartel, led by relatives of Rafael Caro Quintero, against La Chapiza or Los Menores, represented by Los Salazar, a fraction of the Sinaloa Cartel.

This year in Cajeme there are six police officers killed, in addition to more than 36 officers who have resigned due to violence and terrible working conditions.

In Ciudad Obregón and the Yaqui Valley there were more than 11 homicides in the month of July and more than 300 violent deaths in the year.

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