They brand Georgina Rodríguez as ‘evil’ and ‘shameless’


On January 27, the long-awaited documentary series of Georgina Rodriguez‘Soy Georgina’, a space in which the celebrity will be honest in part about her career and her life together with the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, together with whom she raises her four children and from whom she is expecting twins.

However, in those six episodes her uncles Jesús and Lidia will not appear, who have now offered some very harsh statements to bring out the supposedly “evil” side of the model. These relatives accuse the mannequin of having forgotten about them now that she is rich and famous, and also reproach her for not having been personally informed of the death of the celebrity’s father, Jorge, in 2019.

Perhaps he is ashamed of us and considers himself better than us because we do not live with his same luxuries. But I have never asked him for anything. She has only called us once or twice since it came to light that she was dating Cristiano Ronaldo“, said the aforementioned Luis, brother of the designer’s mother, to the British newspaper The Sun, also recalling that both he and his wife went out of their way for her during her adolescence.

“I was in charge of supporting Georgina and her sister [Ivana], to buy them clothes, to pay for electricity and water. I did it all. Georgina lived with me during her adolescence until the day my brother-in-law was sent back to his country”, Luis revealed about Jorge’s extradition to Argentina following a ten-year prison sentence for drug trafficking. Far from remaining silent during that stage of the “cold war” with his niece, Georgina’s uncle wrote a private message to Cristiano himself to alert him to the alleged bad arts of his partner.

I have written to Cristiano Ronaldo on Facebook and told him: ‘You have the most evil woman by your side. If you want to know more, contact me and I will tell you’“reads another excerpt from his explosive conversation with the British newspaper.

Lidia, Luis’s wife, has turned, for her part, to the Spanish press to discredit her niece. In her appearance last week on the television program ‘Sálvame’, on the Telecinco channel, the aunt-in-law of the also dancer and occasional presenter described her as “scoundrel” while defending her decision to publicly attack her, arguing that she does not need money from his now wealthy niece.

Now the world is going to find out how shameless he is: I work honestly and move forward with my house and my family. And I have also pushed forward with his father, who should be ashamed of him because we have been his uncle and I“, he affirmed.

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