They attack with “cruise or ballistic missiles” the capital of Ukraine, Russia intends to surround the city

A structure damaged by a Russian rocket on February 24, 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was attacked with missiles by Russia before dawn on Friday, according to a Ukrainian government adviser, as Russia continued its military assault on the country where dozens of Ukrainian forces have already been killed, according to CNN.

“Attacks on Kiev with cruise or ballistic missiles continued,” said Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, to reporters via text message on Friday as the city’s population braced for more Russian military action.

A CNN team on the ground reported hearing two large explosions in central Kiev and a third loud explosion in the distance.. The images showed an apartment block on fire, but the cause of the fire could not be verified.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine attributed uAn explosion over Kiev hit a Ukrainian anti-missile system that shot down a Russian missile. CNN said it was unable to verify the assessment.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar reported on her Twitter account that Estimated enemy losses at 03:00 local time on 25 February were: 7 planes, 6 helicopters, 30 tanks and that the loss of enemy personnel is approximately (to be specified) 800 people.

Russia’s goal: to overthrow the government of Ukraine

Just a day earlier, Russian forces entered by land, sea and air, prompting an avalanche of international condemnation and sanctions amid questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s broader ambitions for the country and the capital Kiev. .

Russian forces seemed to be surrounding the city and ready to go, Ukraine’s deputy interior minister told CNN on Thursday. Officials in the country believe that Russia’s plan is to overthrow the Ukrainian leadership and install a pro-Russian government.

Those fears were shared by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken who said Thursday that he is “convinced” that Moscow will try to topple the Ukrainian government.

If that happens, Blinken said he believes “Moscow has developed plans to inflict widespread human rights abuses, and potentially worse, on the Ukrainian people.”

20 miles from Kyiv

Biden administration officials said that Russian mechanized forces that had entered Ukraine through Belarus were about 20 miles away from Kievsources told CNN.

Officials told lawmakers in the US House of Representatives at a briefing on Ukraine on Thursday that another Russian element had entered Ukraine from Russia and that both were on their way to Kiev with the aim of surrounding the city and potentially overthrowing the Ukrainian governmentaccording to two sources who were on the call with lawmakers

For now, Ukraine’s democratically elected government remains intact and the state of emergency was due to start on Friday.

“Ukrainians are defiant. They’re not backing down.” CNN’s Don Lemon reacted like this to the audio of the Ukrainian soldiers who defended Snake Island in the Black Sea from an approaching Russian warshipba. All Ukrainian soldiers were reported killed, according to President Zelensky.

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky remains in the capital, but has said that he believes “enemy sabotage groups” have entered this city and that he is her number one target. His family, she said, It is your second goal.

“They want to politically destroy Ukraine by destroying the head of state,” he said in a video statement Thursday night.

According to preliminary figures, 137 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the Russian invasion began Thursday morning and another 316 soldiers have been wounded.Zelensky said.

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