They attack Pati Chapoy for defending Yuri and his homophobic comments

Various criticisms are circulating on social media. yuri for making comments considered by many homophobes. Trying to defend the singer, Pati Chapoy gave her opinion and ended up unleashing anger in some Internet users, while others tried to explain to the driver why she would be in error.

It all started a few years ago when Susana Zabaleta was invited to an event for the LGBTQ+ community and resigned when she found out that Yuri would participate. Zabaleta at that time explained that she did not intend to share the stage with someone who had spoken against the community and called it "homophobic."

In a recent interview, Zabaleta recalled the moment in which he refused to attend 'La Más Draga', something that Pati Chapoy decided to respond to. The host of "Ventaneando" considered that Zabaleta was in error and that Yuri's comments were just an "opinion" that she should respect.

"I want to make a comment so that it is clear to you, Yuri has never, ever offended that community and in the same way that you are giving an opinion, Yuri gave an opinion and it is respectable"commented the journalist on her television program.

What did Yuri say?

In 2016 Yuri supported the film 'Pink' which told the story of a homosexual couple who adopts a child. The film addressed the theme from a religious perspective and spread the ideology that a same-sex couple should not adopt or raise a child.

Even the actors who participated in the project later confessed that they were sorry for agreeing to play the characters.

Some time later, in an interview with CNN, Yuri stated that "His instructive of life is male and female."

In social networks they have explained to Pati why she would be wrong

In various social network accounts in defense of the LGTBQ+ community, they have responded to Pati Chapoy, in some with annoyance and insults, but in others with strong arguments and from peace.

“Mrs. Pati Chapoy, we will explain below why an opinion that is based on denying human rights to others is not an opinion; It's hate speech."is read in a Twitter thread in which they explain with some examples the times when Yuri did not speak well of the community.

While another publication said against Chapoy: “Unfortunately, people who live in privilege think that they can give an opinion in which they denigrate, offend or invalidate rejected communities. They think they are not doing wrong. It's unfortunate that it still happens. Fortunately, local TV is no longer what it was before and is losing ground, and these “communicators” are also losing credibility”.

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