They assure that Shakira took refuge in Gisele Bündchen's mansion during a trip to Costa Rica

The Colombian singer Shakira has given a lot to talk about in recent months due to her painful separation from Gerard Piqué and for his dedicated songs, but now he did it because of the surprise trip he made to Costa Rica and that very few noticed.

Having a private plane at her disposal allowed the 'Monotonía' interpreter to visit the Central American country in complete secrecy, until now many details of her journey have emerged, but they did so since Milan and Sasha's mother is back in Miami.

According to Teletica's 'Boca en Boca' program, one of the outlets that promptly followed Shakira's surprise visit to Costa Rica, reported that the celeb stayed at the Hotel Royal Intercontinentall from Escazú, although he would have also taken his getaways to the town of Santa Teresa, famous for its big waves that are a great attraction for surfers.

There in Santa Teresa is located the mansion of rest of the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchenwith whom Shakira has a more than close relationship and that is how they would have shown themselves during their stay in the beautiful place, even having been seen riding a horse in the arena.

“It is there where Gisele, with whom (Shakira) has a close friendship and shares a similar vital moment after their recent breakups, owns a residence that she acquired with her ex-husband (Tom Brady), HOLA! magazine reported.

There is very little or no information about the details of the home of the South American mannequin, so its interior and exterior characteristics are unknown, although what is known is that it enjoys enviable privacy.

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