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The President of the Judiciary of Peru, Elvia Barrios, asked the Head of State Pedro Castillo on Monday to convene the Council of State for an emergency meeting to plan strategies in order to resolve the political crisis that the country is going through.


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Through an official letter, Barrios reiterated the need for dialogue between national institutions as a method to promote actions that guarantee peace and citizen well-being, in addition to strengthening the Peruvian democratic system.

In this sense, the request of the President of the Judiciary is based on the critical political situation in the country, aggravated after the resignation of Congressman Héctor Valer from his position as President of the Council of Ministers, as a consequence of the accusations he suffers for family violence. .

“The Constitutional Court establishes that the principle of cooperation is derived from the principle of separation of powers, which requires that the powers of the State Powers and autonomous constitutional bodies be exercised in an articulated manner, with the goal of concretizing fundamental rights and human dignity”, stressed the entity.

Likewise, Barrios asserted that the path of dialogue serves to strengthen the institutions and political actors of the country in previous circumstances; therefore, the meeting will allow the Council of State to contribute its criteria of the context to President Castillo, and find democratic solutions.

It should be noted that last Friday, February 4, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo reported the reconformation of the Cabinet, but to date the new members are unknown; as well as the swearing-in date of the ministerial group.

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