They ask the Chilean government to reform Carabineros after new repression | Multimedia


Deputies, members of the Communist Party of Chile and other representatives of social organizations demanded from the government of President Gabriel Boric a profound reform in the Carabineros protocols, after starring in another strong episode of repression this Friday.


Regulations against forced disappearance approved in Chile

It was another Friday of mobilizations in which said police force brutally repressed the protesters who gathered in the Plaza de la Dignidad to demand the release of the political prisoners of the 2019 social outbreak; and that justice be done for all the crimes and human rights violations committed during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

More than 30 police cars, including water cannons, gas cannons, and institutional trucks were located in the vicinity of Plaza Dignidad, where they indiscriminately repressed the protesters, leaving at least two injured and three detained.

One of the injured, by the way, a 65-year-old man ended up hospitalized with He ended up with a left knee injury and occipital contusion, after falling and hitting the pavement in his flight from Carabineros.

To which was added the dispersion and violence used by law enforcement officers against small groups of protesters, including journalists in the exercise of their profession.

Such episodes provoked the rejection of different parliamentarians, who demand that the newly established Government of Approve Dignity take action on the matter and transform the actions of the Carabineros in order to avoid new violent incidents and violations of human rights.

In this sense, the deputy Carmen Hertz remarked that “a deep reform in Carabineros de Chile is urgent in order to impose strict adherence to the norms of respect for human rights, an inescapable obligation of the Chilean State”.

For her part, the also legislator Lorena Pizarro, called on the Executive to “review protocols and ask for explanations for brutal repressions that continue to attack the legitimate right to demonstrate in a democracy.”

Meanwhile, the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue (PC), urged the current administration to “civilly intervene the police so that they carry out their work in accordance with international human rights treaties. Not to disappoint the people!” he sentenced him.

Emilia Schneider, also a deputy, from the Comunes party, stated that the “excessive and violent actions of the Carabineros persist. Our government must confront it, not only with a necessary profound transformation of the police, but also by modifying action protocols and seeking new ways to use and recover public space in Plaza Dignidad”.

Given the successive claims, the Presidential Delegation of the Metropolitan Region indicated on its official Twitter account that it requested Carabineros “an investigation into what happened.” Our commitment is to the functioning of the city and, of course, to human rights,” they said.

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