They ask for healthy food options for children

Montgomery County Councilman Craig Rice introduced a bill Tuesday that would require all food service establishments in that jurisdiction that offer a children’s meal to also offer at least one healthy food and drink option.

The bill was co-sponsored by Council President Gabe Albornoz and Councilors Will Jawando and Nancy Navarro.

Under Bill 1-22, healthy infant food must include two nutritious options and would also require a healthy drink by default as part of the meal. The bill does not prohibit customers from selecting other options on the menu.

“Childhood obesity remains a long-standing problem in our nation and the rate continues to rise and affect the health and quality of life of our children,” Rice said.

He said that especially at a time when busy lifestyles are causing more families to eat out, “it is imperative that as a county we demand healthy choices in our children’s meals,” said Rice, who is chair of the committee. Board of Education and member of the Health and Human Services Committee.

“I applaud many of our restaurants that are already responding to customer demands by offering healthier options. This bill establishes a minimum threshold to guarantee that our children have nutritionally adequate food options at their disposal, promoting healthier eating habits from the beginning and throughout their lives, “he indicated, together with Navarro.