They arrested the thief who entered through an air extractor to rob a bakery in La Plata

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The criminal sneaked into the place at dawn (Police of the province of Buenos Aires)

The Police of The Silver arrested a man accused of having robbed a bakery, which he had entered through the air extractor. After the subject was recognized by the security camera recordings, the investigators went to his home to comply with the court order initiated against him. The owner of the premises indicated that he had stolen approximately 186 thousand pesos.

The incident occurred on Thursday, September 28, around four-thirty in the morning, when the detainee, identified as Juan Ignacio Cichilittibroke into the business located on Avenida 7, between Calle 75 and 76, in the La Plata town of Villa Elvira. According to the images to which he had access Infobaethe criminal left the area of ​​the air extractors, and then went towards the cash register, where he took the money that was in it.

The complaint was made by the owner of the bakery at the district's 8th police station, where she reported that the theft was detected by one of the employees who contacted her in the early hours of the morning to notify her of what had happened. Likewise, the complainant established the hypothesis that she entered through the air ducts, since she reviewed the recordings that captured the entrance.

In this sense, upon declaring that there were security cameras inside the premises, the police officers compared the footage and proceeded to identify the unknown subject based on the accounts offered by the witnesses. In this way, they recognized that it was Cichilitti, who was known to be part of the criminal group that operates in the area.

The criminal would have taken only money from the place (Police of the province of Buenos Aires)

The images that were analyzed showed the sequence of the robbery perfectly, because the detainee could be seen dressed in pants and sports shoes, apparently a hooded sweatshirt that he was wearing, a scarf and a windbreaker-style vest. Furthermore, when the criminal found the box, he proceeded to empty it and apparently keep the money among his clothes, since he would not have carried a backpack or other bag with him.

Based on the recognition, the investigators established that the thief was residing in the back of a house that operates under the pension modality, which was located on 115th Street, in the same town. In addition, they determined that the detainee used the place as a hideout to escape and hide the items he stole.

The man was arrested on Friday afternoon (Police of the province of Buenos Aires)
The man was arrested on Friday afternoon (Police of the province of Buenos Aires)

The investigation of the case was carried out by the Fiscal Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 6 of the Judicial Department of La Plata, which urgently requested the search of the property where Cichilitti lived and his subsequent arrest during the day of Friday the 29th. The criminal was housed in the 8th police station, until he is summoned for investigation by the prosecutor and the fate he will face is decided.

The robbery was added to the list of other businesses in the sector that were robbed in the area, because on September 27 another store located at 7 and 89 became the target of two criminals who threatened a woman at gunpoint. employee who was with her baby.

The detainee's home that was raided (Police of the province of Buenos Aires)
The detainee's home that was raided (Police of the province of Buenos Aires)

According to the owner's story obtained by the newspaper The day, the event lasted a few seconds, because a security checkpoint was located a few meters from the business. For this reason, the thieves targeted the collection that was in the box and took the woman's cell phone before leaving.

“They pointed a long-barreled gun at him and told him to give him everything because they were going to shoot him,” said the owner, mentioning that it was the second robbery that the bakery has suffered in the last eight months.

In this sense, the owner stated: "We decided to file a police report because there were death threats to an employee who was with her baby," he explained, acknowledging that the previous incident was not reported to the police authorities.

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