They arrest the leader of an armed group and seize more than 1 million pesos in Nuevo León

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The Public Security Secretariat of Nuevo León confirmed the capture of a leader of an organized crime group with a presence in Mexico, which also led to the search of the Darth Night Club in Centrito del Valle in San Pedro.

After heading the Security Table in the Government Palace, where the Prosecutor's Office and federal and military authorities participated, the Secretary of Public Security, Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, corroborated the balance of the operation, where 1 million 200 thousand pesos were also seized.

"It is a fully identified group, it is an important arrest by the coordination group, Mexican Army, National Guard, State Ministerial Police and Civil Force.

"It is important not only because of the type of firearm they had in their possession, the drugs and money they had and a vehicle with peculiar characteristics," said the official.

However, when questioned about the identity of the boss or the group to which he belongs, Palacios Pámanes indicated that said information falls under federal jurisdiction.

"This is the information that the federation has and it is effectively a leader within this criminal organization," he said in an interview.

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The head of State security pointed out that the arrest of the alleged criminal leader occurred on Monday in García, along with a woman and other men who had 100 thousand pesos in their possession, and the capture triggered the search in Sampetrino territory.

Before these actions, he said that around 1 million 200 thousand pesos and computer equipment were also seized, according to the information shared at the security meeting.

"This led the Prosecutor's Office to request a Criminal Judge to search this bar and where more cash was seized, it is a group that generates violence in Nuevo León and throughout the Mexican Republic," said Gerardo Palacios Pámanes.

He insists that the killed criminal be counted as intentional homicides

Regarding the increase in homicides, with up to ten cases yesterday, he indicated that these include fallen criminals, after which Federation statistics placed the entity at the head of the indicator of intentional homicides.

Gerardo Palacios Pámanes highlighted that so far this year there have been 77 deaths from organized crime, 71 by the Civil Force as part of the actions to combat crime and ensure peace for the population.

However, he pointed out that these are counted by federal authorities as homicides, although he also said that in the town, the Attorney General's Office has already deleted 30 of these cases from the statistics.

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